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The Hubbard Woods PTO involves parents and teachers working together on behalf of the school and its students.  Parent volunteers help create a strong sense of community, provide support to our teachers and staff, and sponsor programs and activities that enrich our children’s educational experience.

This website highlights the work of the PTO with the aim of helping parents navigate their time at the school and feel connected to the school community. 

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4th Grade Activities

4th Grade Chorus: Chorus is offered to all interested fourth grade students and meets once a week before school. Chorus allows students to focus more intensely on their singing voice and provides opportunities for solo singing in addition to participating as a member of an ensemble. Unique performance opportunities include: winter caroling through Winnetka, singing the National Anthem at a Northwestern basketball game, and participating in an all-district choral concert.

Safety Patrol: Safety Patrol gives interested fourth graders an exciting opportunity to provide leadership to the rest of the students at Hubbard Woods. Safety patrol students are placed around the school as entrance helpers, hallway assistants, and kindergarten helpers.

WGST: Also known as the World’s Greatest Student Television, WGST gives fourth graders the opportunity to run their own news program.  Students work in teams of fourth graders with each student having the opportunity to experience every job during their WGST tenure. News Anchors write a story and guide the broadcast each morning. The Meteorologist shares the weather forecast. Students behind the scenes are in charge of the teleprompter and managing the four cameras inside the studio. WGST airs in Hubbard Woods classrooms every morning.  

4th Grade Buddies: This program provides a wonderful opportunity for fourth graders to mentor younger students.  Each fourth grade class is paired up with a class from another grade level and students are assigned a “buddy.”  The buddy classes meet about twice a month and participate in a variety of fun and educational activities.

Camp Edwards: In the spring of fourth grade, students participate in an outdoor education experience at Camp Edwards in East Troy, Wisconsin. Students learn outdoor skills such as wilderness survival and archery while building community at the same time.  The trip gives students the opportunity to learn how to approach new challenges and to persevere when faced with these new challenges.

Blamball: A long-time tradition at Hubbard Woods, Blamball is a game similar to softball.  At the end of the school year 4th graders participate in this fun event with all the teachers they have had throughout their years at HW while the other grades cheer them on from the sidelines.

Fourth Grade Farewell: A special send-off for the fourth graders, this event includes breakfast for students and their parents.  The highlight is a video that celebrates the students’ time at Hubbard Woods.