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The Hubbard Woods PTO involves parents and teachers working together on behalf of the school and its students.  Parent volunteers help create a strong sense of community, provide support to our teachers and staff, and sponsor programs and activities that enrich our children’s educational experience.

This website highlights the work of the PTO with the aim of helping parents navigate their time at the school and feel connected to the school community. 

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What's an IDEA Lab Exactly?

By now you've hopefully heard the buzz about our newly redesigned space up in the HW Resource Center (library, for you newbies!), called the IDEA Lab. Todd Burleson, our Resource Center Director and IDEA Lab Creator, worked tirelessly all summer alongside parent volunteers to transform the old computer lab area into our own version of a "maker's space" -- a space for our kids to explore their imaginations, gain new skills and turn their ideas into reality. From robotics to sewing and crafts to engineering -- the IDEA Lab at HWS features more than 25 pieces of high-tech educational's a a sort-off "libratory" full of possibility!
The library ("RC") side of the space now features new, modern furniture that is kid-centric in design. The RC also has research stations equipped with iPads and laptops -- and of course, the same treasured book collection the kids know and love. Also new, the WGST kid-produced and kid-anchored TV news station moved up from the school basement and now lives in its own space attached to the IDEA Lab.
Separate from but related to the IDEA Lab, HWS now has a Project Room located in one of the old kindergarten rooms on the first floor. The Project Room is outfitted with an amazing assortment of supplies and materials, to allow classes to create large-scale, messy projects in an open space.
Todd Burleson will keep us up-to-date on everything transpiring in our new spaces through his blog A Zen Librarian.” Also, stay tuned for opportunities throughout the school year for both parents and kids to experience the IDEA Lab together.

In the meantime, here is some terminology, so you know the lingo your kids use!

RC = Resource Center, our school library.

IDEA Lab = The space located within the RC that will be a 'Tinkering Workshop.'  The space will be home to everything from toilet paper tubes, tempera paint, hammers and nails to electronic circuitry kits and robots. A cart of laptops will allow the space to be converted instantly to a 'computer lab' again. Additionally, iPads and chromebooks will round out the technological compliment.

TMI = Think, make, improve -- the overarching approach to "design thinking," which is how our kids will be encouraged to use the IDEA Lab.

Project Room = The space for BIG explorations by students. A dedicated space for students to get messy, creative and use their imagination. A flexible and fluid space that can easily and quickly be reconfigured to meet the needs of projects.