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The Hubbard Woods PTO involves parents and teachers working together on behalf of the school and its students.  Parent volunteers help create a strong sense of community, provide support to our teachers and staff, and sponsor programs and activities that enrich our children’s educational experience.

This website highlights the work of the PTO with the aim of helping parents navigate their time at the school and feel connected to the school community. 

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No Idling

“No Idling” at Hubbard Woods School
Hubbard Woods School has adopted a “No Idling” policy and requests all persons driving to school to turn off their engines when waiting in the car line.

Vehicle exhaust is harmful to everyone’s health, but it especially affects children who breathe more and at a faster rate than adults.  Vehicle exhaust contains toxins and fine particles that are associated with an increased incidence of respiratory ailments and heart disease, as well as a greater risk for cancer.

Idling produces twice as much pollution as stopping and restarting a warmed-up engine.

It is not true that idling your car uses less gas than turning it off and restarting it.  It is actually more fuel-efficient to turn your engine off if you are going to be sitting and not moving for more than 10 seconds.

Idling causes more wear on engine parts because fuel doesn't undergo complete combustion, dirtying spark plugs and contaminating engine oil.

In short, it is NOT bad for your car to turn it on and off a few times while you’re in the drop off line.

By not idling, you:

  • Improve the air our children, families, and teachers breathe
  • Reduce air pollution locally and globally
  • Save money
  • Become an active participant in improving air quality and reducing health risks by supporting Hubbard Woods School’s No Idling policy. 

This simple but critical change has noteworthy effects.
Notice the Neon Green “No Idle” Cones at the main (Chatfield), Muscleman, and Kindergarten drop-off and pick-up areas around Hubbard Woods School as reminders.