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The Hubbard Woods PTO involves parents and teachers working together on behalf of the school and its students.  Parent volunteers help create a strong sense of community, provide support to our teachers and staff, and sponsor programs and activities that enrich our children’s educational experience.

This website highlights the work of the PTO with the aim of helping parents navigate their time at the school and feel connected to the school community. 

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Room Parents listed by grade:

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Ms. White

1st Grade

Mr. Sheetz

Ms. Wray

2nd Grade
Ms. Blaker

Ms. Connell

Mr. Dillon

3rd Grade
Ms. Baker

Ms. Ellis


4th Grade
Ms. Amaral

Ms. Bulan

Ms. Rhyne










Room Parent Responsibilities

Each classroom is assigned two room parents whose responsibilities fall into three general areas:

First, room parents provide support to the teacher by helping with various jobs in the classroom, special projects, activities, field trips, class parties, etc. . . . In some cases room parents may actually organize and facilitate the activity/event and in others they may simply recruit and coordinate other parent volunteers to assist.  The level of involvement will vary depending on the teacher and/or the activity.   

Second, room parents work to encourage positive social relationships between families of the class.  This includes organizing opportunities for children/parents /families to get together outside of the classroom and welcoming new families during the school year.  Room parents can also take it upon themselves to be of service to families as necessary; for example organizing carpools or dinners in the case of a family illness, crisis, new baby, etc . . .
Finally, room parents serve as front-line representatives of the PTO sharing information and encouraging participation in PTO sponsored activities and events.  

Following is a detailed list of room parent responsibilities for the school year.

Prior to the first day of school:
Get a copy of your class list from Lois Peterson (
With your room parent partner(s) decide who will handle the majority of email communication; while this responsibility can be shared it is generally less confusing for the parents in your classroom if emails come from just one person.  
Create an email distribution list of all the parents in the class.  
Call and/or email the parents in your class the night before the first day of school with a reminder about the monies and forms they will need to bring on the first day. 

These include:
a check for school supplies (amount varies by classroom)
school directory add/change form (blue)
school directory order form (neon pink) + a check for directories
yearbook order form (white) + a check for yearbook

First day of school:
At least one room parent will need to be in the classroom by 8:15 AM on the first day of school to collect monies/forms.  You will receive detailed instructions via email about what to do with the checks/forms.
Introduce yourself to the teacher and present him/her with a plant, small bunch of flowers, or other small gift.

Go- to-School Night:
This is a good time to find parent volunteers to help with various activities throughout the year.  Talk to your classroom teacher prior to Go-to-School night to find out about class parties, field trips, and in-class activities that he/she would like help with.  Create volunteer sign-up sheets and encourage parents to sign-up at Go-to-School night.  Keep these forms on file so you can contact the volunteers when the time comes.
Room parents (excepting Kindergarten) also help recruit volunteers to contribute to one Faculty Fun Lunch.  These lunches are hosted monthly by one or two classrooms and are just one of the ways we show appreciation to our teachers and staff.  The Faculty Fun Lunch committee will provide you with a volunteer sign up form for your assigned lunch – have parents sign up at Go-to-School night and keep on file with your other volunteer sign up forms.    
This is also a good time to collect funds for teacher gifts.  We suggest about $25.00 per family to cover both holiday and year end gifts.  Checks should be made out to YOU not the PTO.         

Throughout the school year:
Early in the school year plan an informal gathering for the teacher and parents of your classroom.  Children may or may not be included – the choice is yours.  In the past some classrooms have organized cocktail parties, picnic playdates, paddle parties, etc.  It need not be elaborate nor should you feel obligated to absorb the cost – depending on the nature of the event you can ask families to contribute or go potluck.

You will occasionally receive emails from PTO committees (these will usually come from the PT Vice President).  Please forward these on to all the parents in your classroom promptly.
Keep an open line of communication with your teacher to find out how you can best assist him/her.  In addition to class parties and field trips some teachers may ask for your help scheduling parent-teacher conferences, tackling projects in the classroom, etc.  Feel free to recruit other parents from the classroom to help as necessary.  

Remember to give holiday and end-of-the-year gifts to your teacher.  You will also be asked to help organize a small inexpensive gift (notes/pictures from children, flowers, etc.) during Teacher Appreciation Week in March.

In times of emergency for a family in the class (illness, death, etc.) room parents please consider coordinating help with carpools, meals, etc.

If a student joins your class during the year please connect with their parents to welcome them and share pertinent info about the class/school.  Consider organizing a group play date with the girls or boys of the class to welcome the new child.

As a room parent you may occasionally have a parent come to you with problems or concerns related to the classroom or school – these concerns should be directed to the teacher, principal, or other appropriate staff member.

Remember, you serve as an all-important liaison between the families in your class, the teacher, and the Hubbard Woods PTO.  Please contact the PTO Vice-President with any questions or concerns about your position.